Bi-weekly 1 - November 2016

Description Type
Wrath of Ares game of war
Arachne's Thread a game of tic tac toe
Nergal's Sentence hangman game
Broken Glass easy puzzle
Loki's joke scrambled
Boogyman's hand black jack
Do you know? Trivia about Fairy Tales
Wheel of fortune turn the wheel around
Mnemosyne's tricks memory game
Gift of gods freebies for you
Kaleidoscope 4in1

Bi-weekly 2 - November 2016

Description Type
Castor and Pollux have a matching card
Jack's beans guess the number
Bread crumbs card puzzle
Four Heavenly Kings pick one of the kings
The three Fates slots game
Cerrydwen's lottery lottery game
Mirror Mirror distorted card
Mosaic hard puzzle
Mists of Avalon trivia about Legends and folktales
Pygmalion's Art guess the represented Myth
Minotaur's Labyrinth Jigsaw puzzle
Golden apple Substitution

Monthly - July

Description Type
Labours of Hercules a puzzle chain
Find the pea the pixel hunt
Sphinx' riddle Decypher the sentence
Minotaur's Maze Word search
Argo's voyage Master a deck together (forum game)
Myths of Creation Member's favorite deck (forum game)
Help Gaia Create the themed deck (forum game)


Gaia's KingodmThemed decks
Wish upon a starMake a wish
Doubles Trade InDoubles
Member CardsMember Cards